Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) issues scholarships for international students in Germany. Grants are highly competitive and must be submitted to the DAAD directly. Deadline for applications is November 15th of the year prior to the intended beginning of study.




Below we are giving you some basic information on the process, but do check current visa regulations that apply to you either with the German Embassy in your home country or online at or on the website of German Federal Foreign Office, as this is a Government regulation outside of the responsibility of the University.


If your application has been accepted, you will obtain an Acceptance Letter from Anhalt University. Students who are no Non-EU Passport Holders, must apply for an Entry Visa to Germany. We advise Non-EU students to contact the German Embassy or Consulate in their respective country immediately after receiving this document in order to start the Visa Process. This can take about 2 months or longer. Usually you will get an Entry Visa, that needs to be extended after your arrival here.
To obtain a study visa for a long-term stay as a student Non-EU passport holders the financial requirements are to proof available funds of a minimum of approx. 670,-€ / month. Students should check the required minimum sum needed with the German Embassy or Consulate!
This sum is regarded as a minimum that a student will need for rent, health insurance and other costs of living per month. Therefore, before a student can start studying here, he or she must provide the sum for at least a period of 6 month or more into a German bank account as a security deposit (blocked account for international students). Money deposited in excess of this sum, are - of course - at the student's unlimited free disposal. Students will then obtain a visa valid for the period of time that the prooven funds allow. Should a student end his/her studies and leave the country, all residual money can of course be withdrawn from the account. Students should establish such an account before their arrival in Dessau if possible, for example at Deutsche Bank (by using the following email address: db.student(at) or any other bank that offers this service.


EU Passport Holders are not required to establish a Security deposit, but as explained before, approx. 670,- EUR per month is a minimum sum that a student is required to have at his/her disposal during a stay in Dessau, in order to be able to support him/herself in Germany. Contact German Embassy or Consilate in your country for more information.



Usefull Links for your time before / during / after studies at DIA

DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service is one of the most important funding organisations in the world for the international exchange of students and researchers. Check this website for the general information (incl. costs and all necessary procedues) which is always updated!
Study in Germany is an info-plattform that helps you with searching and planning your studies as well as organizing your life during and after your university programm here in Germany.
Deutsches Stundentenwerk provides informational for international students that helps to get through the whole process, from applying to graduating.

German Health Care System - an Overview in Englisch language

Town Hall / City Council Registration offers information and services for your visa and for registration in Dessau
Studentenwerk (Housing Administration) gives an overview about campus in Dessau: dormitories, cafes, cultural events etc.
WG-Gesucht - if you are searching a shared room off-campus, this website is very helpful.
Explore Dessau: The Bauhaus Building together with the Masters' Houses in Dessau and the Garden Realm Dessau-Woerlitz are adopted to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage

Deutsch Bahn (Train) - find your train connections and buy tickets online
Car Sharing - join somebody who is going by car to another city to same money and resources

FOUND IT! Gründerzentrum der Hochschule Anhalt
Wanting to work freelance or set up your own company? FOUND IT! supports you! For those of you intending to work freelance, set up a company or just make more out of a project you're currently working on, there is a free supporting service at Hochschule Anhalt called FOUND IT! They assists you in all administrative matters (applications & permissions, business plans, funding,) as well as in general concept building, know how-transfer and networking.
contact FOUND IT! in Dessau:
Katja Großer, katja.grosser(at), 03471 355 1953
Nico Steinborn, nico.steinborn(at), 03471 355 1954
Office: Building 3 (Richter-Haus), room 301
Open Consultation: tuesdays & thursdays from 1 to 3 pm
FOUND IT! online: | |

DIAlive - information and communication plattform for students, teachers and alumni. You will be able to sign in as soon as you become a DIA student.

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