Application Deadline Summer Semester:

For the next summer semester intake, please apply online from October 15th until January 15th.

Application Deadline Winter Semester:

For the next winter semester intake, please apply online from April 15th until  July 15th.

Please check if all following documents are ready to upload:

motivation letter
→ a current CV with date and signature
→ certified official copy of your Bachelor degree (plus certified English translation) and transcript (plus certified English translation)
→ proof of your English language skills (TOEFL, IELTS or comparable)
passport copy



Admission requirements

If you have a Bachelor degree in architecture (3-5 years) or from related fields we strongly recommend you to apply. If you also have bachelor in following disciplines - Archaeology, Art-history, Geography, Civil engineering, History, Building planing and survey, Design, Interior design you are welcome to apply. It is more important to take a careful look on the Course Structure before applying.  

In exceptional case: Candidates may also be admitted on basis of relevant work experience or exceptional interest in preservation and conservation sector. This consideration can only be done through contacting the department before applying formally. (contact)



N.B. As the course is taught in English, we require proof of you English language skill. This can be proved by submitting recognized certificates (for example IELTS, TOEFL etc). If we have doubt about the quality of language skill, we will ask to seat for specific English language exam here in Germany. If you are a native English speaker, or if you have completed your bachelor course in English language and you can provide a certificate to confirm this, you do not need to do a language test.

As a study part of M.A. in Monumental Heritage, you will be asked to take part in basic course to learn German Language. This will be offered from our department. For more information please check Language.



Next steps before and after arriving at Dessau

When you get admission in any university in Germany you should keep in mind what will be the next steps. What types of preparation you need to take. What you need to work on before coming to Europe and things you have to take care of right after your arrival here. (Check online at International-students/dessau.html)

5 steps that you need to take before arrival:

1. Apply for VISA (check current visa regulations that apply to you either with the German Embassy in your home country or online at or on website of German Federal Foreign Office).

2. Check the Prerequisite for further visa extension while studying and living in Germany.

3. Weather and living style in Germany.

4. What you must bring with you.

5. Apply for a place in student dormitory or take a look at housing options.


6 steps that you need to take after arrival:

1. Inform the Auslaenderamt of your arrival in Germany (foreign office of Dessau).

2. Open a bank account.

3. Get a housing contract.

4. Get a student health insurance.

5. Get enrolled in Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

6. Extend the visa.

These are the basic steps you need to follow. If you need further help, don't hesitate to ask your questions. (contact)