All about Master of Arts in "Monumental Heritage"

Working as an expert in restoration sector is a new sector in architecture,worldwide. In other sense there been always the need of preserve,conserve and rehabilitate the heritage site. The reason is very clear and simple-in order to preserve the history for next generation. We are feeling the need of this more and more everyday.

The course "Monumental Heritage" is the formal teaching approach to that. We are expecting to develop the knowledge and also to share experiences of current practice in sector of Building restoration. Our course is a combination of Theory, design and research. 

you can find the details here about following topics: 

Course Structure

Scope of studies

What we expect from our perspective students

What you can expect from us as a student

We will advice you to spend some time and take a careful look at these information. If you still have any question, feel free to contact : Monumental Heritage