11.04.Vortrag EDAS-Kirpichev School-Studio, Moskau Vladislav und Liudmila Kirpichev Architekturvermittlung für Kinder

The New Age of Architectural Education
lecture Conversations with children
Lyudmila Kirpichev I Vladislav Kirpichev 
EDAS-Kirpichev School-Studio Moscow/Russia

11.04.2017, 18.15 Uhr
, Geb. 08 Audimax


EDAS (also known as EDAS-Kirpichev School-Studio) a non-governmental studio supplementary education for children was founded by Vladislav Kirpichev in 1977. Classes are held by the author’s method, assuming the maximum involvement of students in the creative process. The school children are doing from the age of 2.5 y.o. Classes are the author’s procedure, involving children dive into the atmosphere of modern plastic problems, which is the formation of composite thinking, foster a sense of form, space, rhythm, texture, color.

Developing teaching methods, Vladislav Kirpichev found that the program must be dynamic and personalized, soft and non-violent. As a result, he formed the fundamental principles of the technique. In the Studio uses a unique language, suitable for expressing architectural fantasies. There is a constant mutual learning. Children not only follow the advice of the teacher, but also inspired by the works of the colleagues. School-Studio EDAS is not an educational institution in the conventional sense. Vladislav Kirpichev has repeatedly said that the existing system of education - child abuse. And the result achieved through hard work under strong pressure. When that is possible to teach otherwise is through self-education through motivation. In the studio school of Vladislav Kirpichev teachers are working on the development of creative abilities provoking the work of different kinds of thinking. Thereby, structuring the research development opportunities creativity is without limiting its professional purposes. EDAS founder sees the learning objectives in this.

Kirpichev does not conduct competitions and selections of the students. He believes that “all the children are geniuses” and states that any child is able to develop his abilities. Due to the fact that the work of Vladislav Kirpichev widely known world over, EDAS constantly participates in various international events.

Exhibitions, lectures and master classes of EDAS are regularly held in Russia, Europe and USA: - DAM (German Architecture Museum) - Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1989 – Pacific Design Center (Los Angeles) and the Whitney Museum (New York) during the show Steelcase Design Partnership “Mondo Materialis”, 1990 - Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow, 1990 - Documenta Archive Kassel - Kassel, Germany, 1991 - Central House of Artists (CHA) on the Crimean Val, Moscow, 1993 - NAi (National Architectural Center) - Rotterdam, 1995 - Akademie der Kudnste and AEDES, Berlin - ICP (Institute of Cultural Policy) Hamburg 2006. In 2001, together with the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park in London was an action “100 children - 100 meters.” And in 2008, during the international festival The Darmstadt Summer of Architecture, installation EDAS “10,000 lights» gathered at the opening more than 10 thousand of people.

Vladislav Kirpichev has twice participated in the events of the Aspen Institute: in 2004 - in the work of the International Design Conference (idca:54) and in 2005 - in the work of the Aspen Ideas Festival.