Master of Engineering Membrane Structures, M.Eng.

Master of Engineering Membrane Structures, M.Eng.

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The Master- and Archineer® Program M.Eng. Membrane Structures (distance learning) started in 2006 for the first time and is taking place at  the Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies, Building and Real Estate, associated institut of the Anhalt University of applied science in Dessau, Germany.


The course is addressed to graduees in the field of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geo-Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Textile Engineering or comparable programs.


After successfull completion of the program the academic degree Master of Engineering in Membrane Structures (M.Eng.) will be granted by the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.


Interested people without academic study background can participate in the program as guest students with receiving the professional title Archineer® Membrane Structures awarded by the IMS e.V.

Archineer® is a protected, international registered trade mark, exclusively licensed through the IMS e.V.


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