Master of Arts in Monumental Heritage

Forum Romanum in Rome, Italy
Excursion to Königslutter, 2015

Welcome speech by the director:

Dear students,

The master program "Monumental Heritage" is intended for students who have an interest in architecture, culture, history and restoration. It is a course created in a combination of studies about artistic qualities and the scientific understanding which is needed and developed further in this field.

Many of our cities derive their quality from their historical structures and buildings, which were created in this context. To understand and update these situations regarding conservation and optimization is the most important task for the preservation of the quality of the cities and the construction of buildings all over the world.

The subject is an interesting dialogue between cultures. The location of Dessau is particularly suitable for this discussion. In and around Dessau, there are no less than four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, there are significant cathedrals and castles in the area, which can serve as good practical examples for teaching purposes.

On the other hand, Germany has lost a lot of heritage. Forv forthy years now, this has made the people very sensitive for this topic. They developed a very detailed understanding of the legal and technical aspects of the preservation of their cities and monuments. Thus the standard is very high, making the locationinteresting again regarding this understanding. In other words, learning by doing.

We invite international students not to copy what has been done in Germany but to learn by doing research with us both on these buildings and monuments of their home countries. The idea is to help students to find their own position in the fields of restoration and conservation.

We welcome the students to work with us in order to understand and develop the knowledge in the history of buildings along with renovation and design strategies for the future.

In brief, you are cordially invited to participate and learn what is appropriate for the field of “Monumental Heritage”.

We look forward to see you in Dessau!


Rudolf Lückmann

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